persik kediri

the winning team

Persik hanya sampai 8 Besar !

Setelah tahun 2006 menjuarai divisi utama indonesia (LIGINA) dan masuk 8 besar copa di tahun 2007 Persik hanya mampu masuk 8 besar Divisi utama dan di copa hanya masuk babak 32 besar (kalah dengan persibo)

So in 2008 Persik must to best/ no 1 in Liga Super and Copa.. i wish …. terus maju persik


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i don’t know what happend persik kediri…. 6-1 very sick.. man… whatever may be you attack some oknum in medan

but you can lose only 2-1…. it is big story…. crying dech……..

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Peach Kediri failure improve;repair his position in peringkat third klasemen whereas Grup E Liga Champions Asia after under arrest balance Urawa Reds 3-3. This result make Urawa Reds fixed lead because in other contest Sydney FC under arrest balance Shanghai Shenhua 0-0.
Come up in Stadion Manahan, Solo, Wednesday ( 9/5), synchronized peach [of] purple costume [of] goaled have to in advance. Collision to Robson Ponte by Restu Kartiko in box penalti make the referee refer the white dot. And Shinji Ono don’t menyianyiakan opportunity to bring Urawa Reds exeed 1-0 in ninth minute.
[At] minute ke-23, innings Urawa Reds rewarded penalti by referee after impinging the player Persik, Berta Putra. Christian Gonzales becoming the success hangman execute and alter the score to to balance 1-1. Then, children take care of Daniel Roekito more and more awaken. Even, Persik have time to exeed eight minute then. Kick Christian Gonzales can tear the gate Urawa Reds guarded Keisuke Tsuboi.
Enter the act both, score return to change. Kick Robson Ponte under arrest failure [of] keeper Kurnia Sandy. Score is even also return to balance 2-2. Urawa Reds even again lead after [at] minute ke-62, Yuki Abe leak the gate fish-net Kurnia Sandy. Iucky seven minute before contest after, Budi Sudarsono succeed to score a goal the forcing the score end to balance 3-3.
In last contest, Persik will visit to station Shanghai Shenhua. Now, Persik collect seven poin, clinged [by] two poin from leader klasemen Urawa Reds and one poin from Sydney FC.(DEN) by (Metrotvnews.Com, Kediri:)

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